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80 000 vārdi 16 valodās mēneša laikā

The Challenge

The task was to ensure the translation of 44 330 words from English into Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian and Slovenian for an online travel agency. A market leader in its sector, the agency offers affordable flight tickets to customers from all over the world. Both translation and proofreading were thus undertaken with focus on delivering the best possible quality. As the files had to be submitted in batches, the translators and proofreaders had to demonstrate their skill in providing consistency. The goal was to complete this task in a timely manner while still providing a quality translation.

The Solution

In order to ensure consistency, a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool (SDL TRADOS Studio 2011) was used to create the term base in each language. This guaranteed that, for example, the same terms and expressions would be used throughout the texts. In addition, the same tool was used to exclude repeated text, thus enabling us to offer a discount for the client.
Only native translators and proofreaders with previous experience in website localisation in the respective professional sector were assigned to this job. The native specialists were selected in order to adapt the text to the local audience (Latvians, Lithuanians, Estonians and Slovenians).
As always, it was necessary to check whether the translation was fully ready. This was done by RixTrans' internal team.

The Results

The consistency was ensured by the creation of term bases, which enabled us to provide a translation that was fluent and clear. A discount could be applied due to the use of a CAT tool. Since it was necessary to submit the translation in batches, the specialists demonstrated their ability to multitask. The proofread translation was sent to the translator again for implementation of changes (if any) and to make any final adjustments before final sign-off on the file.

Industry: Tourism
Customer country: Greece
Language combination: EN-LV/LT/ET/SL
Word count: 44 330
Assigned linguists: 8 mother tongue linguists and 1 in-house linguist
Tools: SDL TRADOS Studio 2011
Time: 30 working days
Repetition discount: 25%